Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lets get these graphics started....

 I thought I didn't have time for blogging, but I figured I can take 10 minutes a day and share a useful graphic thought once and a while. Than at least I have something to show for it at the end of a well rounded graphic day. Graphics are a great way to communicate an idea, place or thing quickly and clearly to the minds eye. Graphics should be like eye candy and are essential to a good logo. Every entity needs a good graphic to communicate an idea at all the different levels. Usually a good graphic is something that seem to be familiar yet distant to capture and recapture the minds eye more than just a few times. And with that I introduce the new Real Graphics Logo. The color combination is unique to almost any colored logo out there, the color are bright and almost shocking at first yet they are complimentary colors that somehow seem to not outdo the other. Notice the white is only used on the blue as well as the black, but only black is used on the green. I think that adds to the dimensionality of the color combination without fights neither the magnet green or the sky blue. Enjoy!

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